·ሌ· ጛ· i dance ·ጛ ·ል· {redux}

·ሌ · ጛ · ል·

i  dance, no one sees

alone in my room at night

i dance, no one sees

·ሌ · ጛ · ል·

originally posted 13 February 2010



Filed under haikū, micropoetry, poetry, redux, senryū

2 responses to “·ሌ· ጛ· i dance ·ጛ ·ል· {redux}

  1. I dance when no one sees, too. Although, I was in the lobby of an assisted living facility recently, waiting, and they had on some catchy music, so I was swaying in place a bit, and when I turned around, this lady in a wheelchair was smiling at me. It was nice, it made me smile, too.

    I love Mucha! I used to have this poster on my wall.

    • i love those little moments when we inadvertantly bring a smile to someone else. ♥ i sing and dance when i cook/bake ~ or at least hum and sway. {smile} i would use Mucha in every post except there are a finite number of images available. thanks for visiting and commenting ~ seeing you here makes me smile.

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