“I refuse…” {via Becky at First Pages} @bsfirstpages


i met Becky over a year and a half  ago on twitter ~ in fact, she was the first person i ever “talked” to on twitter and through her i met writers and poets and started writing myself. she changed my life. oh yeah, she sent me Micky Mouse ears… with my name embroidered on them ~ how much better does it get? Becky is also my favorite writer. her writing is so evocative ~ whether it’s essays about her life and family, fiction or poetry ~ she always touches something deep inside of  me and completely draws me into her words. and i love her. you’ll love her writing… i promise. this poem is, in her words, a little bit of “pissy angst” ~ i call it honest, defiant, intense and if  you don’t say “hell yes ~ you go girl!” after reading it, i’ll refund your money.


“I refuse…”   by  Becky

I refuse to believe the thoughts you think about me.

I refuse to listen to your inner voice when mine is so much more viable.

I refuse to hide in the shadows of this broken heart I carry around…

… barely beating.

… barely breathing.

… barely surviving.

I refuse to stop followi…..Read More

via   First Pages






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