.ᶃ. his stare .ᶃ.



he turned….

and stared straight into her

he was everything she was attracted to

….everything she was afraid of
hiding behind his hair….     his makeup….    his stare

oh, his stare!

like now he knew everything about her….
maybe even things she didn’t know herself….
maybe things she didn’t want to know….

oh, his stare!

it made her tremble
it made her excited

his stare

became more intense

as he walked toward her

it felt as though he was looking
her soul

his eyes said “come with me”

without a word he took her hand

and led her away from the crowd

he kept staring
while he captivated her
….and gave her just what she wanted


“Innocent Child”   Arcana





this is my submission to ~



Open Link Night – Opening Celebration

dVerse ~ Poets Pub

the exciting new Poets community from Brian Miller and Claudia Schöenfeld

tonight is the GRAND OPENING and the very first  OPEN LINK NIGHT ~ come join the party! link up any poem you would like.


Jessica Maybury has the pot to watch!   at   POETRY JAM
the prompt is the second image above ~ the goth man

thanks for a great prompt, Jessica


Prompt #276  at  Sunday Scribblings
prompt:   captivate



i am participating in ~





Post A Day






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20 responses to “.ᶃ. his stare .ᶃ.

  1. well now…on the right night you know…ahem…steamy dani…and it all started with a stare….

  2. he frightens me… ha..ha… but I know that some guys get away with just a stare *smiles also at Brian’s comment*

    thanks for sharing this both at D’Verse and Poetry Jam ~ very creative with the form too!

    See you :-)

  3. Wow! Breathtaking, I mean it. I held my breath through the entire poem! I love the new way you are scattering your words around on the page, you just amaze me more each time I come here. So versatile hunny.

    • thank you, bunny! ♥ ♥ ♥ i don’t know why i’m doing that so often now. i write them with all of the lines at the left margin, but then it just doesn’t look right. {giggle} you know how much i appreciate you coming to the blog, Bestie! ♥ ♥ ♥ Love you! ♥ *sparkly hugs* ♥

  4. There’s nothing like connecting with another through the eyes alone. Though his hair would distract me from his eyes a little. Maybe he could tame it just a tad, lol… very nice :)

  5. hedgewitch

    Dramatic, to say the least, and the power of the male stare, especially the bad boy stare, should never be underestimated. Thanks for linking in with dVerse tonight, and for all the many kind words you’ve left at my personal blog,

    • there’s never enough time to visit and comment at all my favorite blogs. i try to catch up when i do come by. i may have already said this, but i’m very excited that you will be at dVerse. with all of the really amazing poets connected to it, i just know it’s going to be a wonderful time at the Pub. {smile} thank you for visiting and commenting, Joy. ♥

  6. signed .............bkm

    You did a great job on this piece with the structure…and it really holds the attention…just a bit to dark for me….bkm

    • i know! it wasn’t my intention to have it be dark ~ i wrote most of it before finding the photo of the girl in handcuffs, but it was actually worse before that! i probably should have just trashed it. thank you for coming by and taking the time to comment. i really do appreciate it. ♥

  7. ‘…he knew everything about her…
    maybe even things she didn’t know herself…”
    Once, many years (decades) ago, I knew someone sort of like that, not dark or “goth” like the photo, in my era my dad would’ve called him a long haired hippie” type. A new guy in school, a bit of a rebel compared to those I knew and hung out with, and yet appealing, exciting, witty, deep…and he too seemed to know and understand me better than anyone else, even myself. We should each know someone like that at least once in our lifetimes! Loved the thoughts and words. Thanks for bringing back the memories.

    • so glad it brought back some happy memories for you, Ginny. ♥ and i agree, there’s nothing to compare to finding someone {be it friendship or love} who truly understands us. thank you for sharing that ~ it means a lot. ♥

  8. seductive if we meet people who seem to know what we need…easy to go with them even if it may be foolish…i enjoyed this dani

  9. Gay

    “Killing me softly” welled up inside of me as I read it, and I felt her attraction and simultaneous fear. When do we ever quit wanting those “bad boys”. I don’t know. Those poems of Brendan’s pull me to center every week. Good one here! Loved it. Gay

    • thank you, Gay! ♥ i love the association with “Killing me softly” and i think there may always be a part of us attracted to the “bad boys” but hopefully we gain the common sense to stay away. or at least get involved with our eyes wide open. {smile}

  10. girl, my power has been out! can you believe it/ but here i am, and loving this post! the music is the perfect complement to this electric piece. *i* could feel his stare, and it’s *your* poem! fantastic.

    coal (fireblossom)

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