Possessed {a sensual tale via mindlovemisery}

i love the poetry by mindlovemisery.  vivid imagery from a truly unique poetic voice.

all i can say about this poem is ~  yes, please.  don’t let this first verse deceive you. though not graphic, this is a very sensual poem so please do not click on the link if  that will offend you.  otherwise…   enjoy!


Possessed”   by   mindlovemisery

His features were drawn together,

A look of perpetual dissatisfaction

This man with a contrived mouth

Sour with the minor inflection

Of a semi-permeable smile

Granite these features,

Etched in Grecian perfection

Like a marble sculpture

I came to love that

Unalterable beauty

Hard-angled and frozen

Chiseled into fantasy


He was dangerously seri……Read More

via   mindlovemisery




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6 responses to “Possessed {a sensual tale via mindlovemisery}

  1. nice…thanks for highlighting dani…nice verse…

    and it is still up, you did not miss anything…smiles.

    • i was just there {dVerse} ~ but it’s almost 5:30am here and i have yet to sleep. just checking my One Shoot submission on different browsers to make sure it looks okay then post it then nighty night. {smile} if i can, i’ll get to it later. whether i do or not, i’m VERY excited about it, brian!

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