∙϶∙ ЭЄ ∙ϵ∙ all by my self ∙϶∙ ЭЄ ∙ϵ∙


Henry Ossawa Tanner 1914




∙ ЭЄ ∙

all by my self

is this truly my fate?


when faced with choices
my indecision

which direction i’d take

if  we don’t move


when we have the option

we are choosing

to live in the past


i listened to my fears
to take the chance
that love could succeed


now…   all by my self

regretting the roads not taken
a cliché, but true

too late to change

the indecisions made






∙϶∙ ЭЄ ∙ϵ∙





{please take the time to listen to the music video. always one of  my favorite songs, this version gave me shivers.}

“All by Myself”   by Charice Pempengco



this is my submission to ~


The Thursday Think Tank #57     at     Poets United  a FABulous site for poets ~ check them out!
prompt:   “reading” and the image above


3WW CCXLIX     at     Three Word Wednesday.
3 words:   indecision, option, fate



i am participating in ~




Post A Day



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10 responses to “∙϶∙ ЭЄ ∙ϵ∙ all by my self ∙϶∙ ЭЄ ∙ϵ∙

  1. So sad to be all by oneself, unless of course it is desired that way.
    I`d give anything to share my life with a partner again but, things happen the way they happen for a reason. When it`s time, it will happen I guess. This is so sad, I hope you are using poetic expression and that you are not alone and if you are it`s by choice.
    Thank you so much for visiting me and all the lovely comments, very much appreciated.

    • i live alone, but i am not alone ~ i have family and much love in my life for which i am very grateful. i hope you are able to share your life with someone again soon. ♥ thank you for all of your kind comments to me. {smile} ♥

  2. love is risk, to not risk is risk itself…a sad place to be…alone…

  3. You have created such a beautiful presentation for such a sad existence. I can relate to the hesitations, and then regrets we take in life.

    • if we do not make a choice, we are choosing to remain where we are. i feel love is worth the risk. ♥ thank you so much for your visit and kind comment.

  4. Love the painting and words were a perfect fit. Great overall presentation. Luved it all. SUper skill!!!!!!


  5. When we don’t chose, we chose…Sad n’ haunting, but true~ Well Done~

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