#aros #11 ∙☼∙ fruits of summer ∙☼∙

"Fruit" by Alphonse Mucha

the fruits of summer

brighten these long, hot days

with a burst of joy in every bite

then sweeten our kisses

as they take on the heat of summer

we rival the sun

∙○◊ ☼ ◊○∙

this is my submission to the    Monkey Man     for the   Sunday 160
{you will see there are exactly 160 characters if you count every letter, space and punctuation mark.}

i am participating in ~

#aros   a river of  stones

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10 responses to “#aros #11 ∙☼∙ fruits of summer ∙☼∙

  1. Nothing as sweet as the fruits of summer. Wish I didn’t like chocolate so much…..LOL
    Lovely! And thank you so much for visiting me and the lovely comment, please do come back again, as I will here :)

  2. Sizzling Sunday 160. Thanks so much for playing along.

  3. Oh my! Heating up the summer alright! I really like this!

  4. What a fabulous tribute to all the One stop organisers. They do a fantastic job that we all enjoy each week!

  5. ooooooH!!!
    Scintillating.. :) xx

    • i was trying to figure out how to make peach juice dribbling down my chin sound sexy ~ couldn’t do it! {giggle} thank you for your visit and comment, Olivia. ♥

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