ᵒ ӆ Ӆ ᵒ sloooooow ᵒ Ӆ ӆ ᵒ





you’re not moving fast enough for this modern world!

MOVE!   get into the 21st century!

hurry!   hurry!   hurry!

or we’ll never get to Mars

{shhhh! don’t tell  ~  the red planet

is really brown… brown… brown…}



take life



at a time…

life won’t become dull

when you move slowly enough

to really pay attention


slow down…..



look at life

as you move through it

ᵒ   ᵒ   ᵒ   ᵒ   ᵒ   ᵒ   ᵒ   ᵒ   ᵒ   ᵒ   ᵒ   ᵒ   ᵒ   ᵒ   ᵒ   ᵒ   ᵒ   ᵒ   ᵒ   ᵒ   ᵒ   ᵒ   ᵒ   ᵒ   ᵒ   ᵒ   ᵒ   ᵒ   ᵒ   ᵒ   ᵒ   ᵒ

ᵒ ӆ Ӆ ӆ ᵒ

i’d like to thank Neil Alexander for generously allowing the use of  his photograph {the top one above.}  go to  NEIL ALEXANDER | PHOTOGRAPHER  to see more of  his amazing photographs and to  his blog  HERE.

this is my submission to ~

One Shoot Sunday     at     One Stop Poetry.    go check out some of  the other entries or submit one yourself.  take some time to look around the site if you’ve never been there ~ it is FABulous!

The Poetry Pantry #57   at   Poets United   a FABulous site for poets
submit a new or old poem

Poetry Potluck Week 43     at     Jingle Poetry     a Fabulous site for poets. spend some time there!
prompt:    free verse

The Summer of  Color   at   Twinkle, Twinkle
prompt:   the color brown
bonus:   a bright splash of  color  ~  red

Monday Morning Writing Prompt   at   liv2write2day’s Blog
prompt:   write a rant

i’m also participating in ~


Post A Day

photograph at top courtesy of  NEIL ALEXANDER | PHOTOGRAPHER

2nd photograph {Mars}  is in the public domain because it was created by NASA.

3rd photograph {steps} by Roger Kreja, Stuttgart GNU Free Documentation License

4th photograph {stone on sand} from Wikimedia.org GNU Free Documentation License


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38 responses to “ᵒ ӆ Ӆ ᵒ sloooooow ᵒ Ӆ ӆ ᵒ

  1. Very cool poetic, visual way to make a point. The interspersed pics work well with the words for an interesting read. Creative One Shoot

  2. Love this – on every level :)

  3. Love the visual effects you have utilized in sharing profound thoughts. Beautiful.

  4. This is so true for all of us, and especially reminded me of someone I know, which makes it strike a chord in my heart. Thanks for the GREAT submission! I really enjoyed reading it!

  5. moondustwriter

    I love the way that you not only write in art but with a message
    Marching to the beat of your very creative drummer

  6. mandy at eight is enough

    this really makes me think, as do all your entries…thanks so much for sharing, i really enjoy your writing…xxx

  7. Great poem! Agree completely with the sentiments and feel very inspired by your words (which is not really a good thing since I should be working right now… :))… Will have to come back for more inspiration later!

  8. Wonderful words and photos. I think I need to slow down a bit!

  9. Ann

    Wonderful integration of poetry and visual elements. Very inspiring!

  10. love it,

    double meaning words, super brilliant.

  11. You are amazing. And so clever – love how you got the bold shot of color in there – what a wonderful piece and life reminder. We are so lucky to have your talents represented here. Thank you! xo

  12. Dani, this really is a work of art in so many ways…and a meditation in this hurried world of ours. Just amazing. Thanks for linking.

  13. A depiction of how we sit on this planet so filled with revolving doors, elevators, and microwave ovens. We often lose sight of the little things that comprise life’s greatest value. Very inspirational!

    • thank you, Kay! ♥ as soon as i saw the amazing (top) photograph by Neil Alexander, i had the impression of the world moving too fast. i appreciate you visiting and commenting. ♥

  14. This is so interesting. A pleasure to read…

    walk the past

  15. it is an exceptionnal way to present your brown creation, I like it and that is talking to me…see you next week for a red one xxx

  16. Leo

    you know, that completely opposite ideas being in the poem, first to move faster, and then realizing we’re too fast to see and deciding to slow it down a notch, it reflects life so much! mars or earth, the idea works and is true. lovely write, esp. with the structure!

    A Poetic World – My Potluck Post

  17. Okay that was a roller coaster ride.. and I did feel like I am on one of them… lovely use of words, sounds and symbols… and yes the ending thought was profound…

    Thanks for joining in the poetry potluck this week, which I hosted for the first time this week….

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya
    At Twitter @VerseEveryDay

    • thank you for the great explanation of free verse~ i really love your poem used in the post. ♥ thank you so much, Shashi, for visiting and your kind comment.

  18. So visual and provocative.

  19. A unique piece. Clever! and many a truth embedded. Good job. Happy Potluck …

    Poem on.

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