ₒƇₒ ƈ• you read me like a book •ƈ ₒƇₒ




•ƈ ₒ Ƈ ₒ ƈ•

you read me like a book

tenderly stroking the cover


lightly caressing each page

before you go to the next one


your breath warm

the air thick with desire


you’ve memorized

every chapter

every sentence

every word


now it’s my turn

to read you

•ƈ ₒ Ƈ ₒ ƈ•




this is my submission to ~


The Thursday Think Tank #56     at     Poets United  a FABulous site for poets ~ check them out!
prompt:   “reading” and the image above



i am participating in ~




Post A Day






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16 responses to “ₒƇₒ ƈ• you read me like a book •ƈ ₒƇₒ

  1. Like a book
    each time I turn a page
    something wonderful
    grabs hold my heart
    and reminds me how much love you hold


    • your light shines out
      when your book is opened
      bringing warmth and love
      and much happiness
      to all who see you

      i love you, Junie. ♥ thank you ♥

  2. “now it’s my turn

    to read you”

    loved it.


  3. So romantic and sensual, lovely =)

  4. “Now it’s my turn to read you”. Cool! I love all the various takes on this prompt…..

  5. Let me start off by saying I don’t know much about criticizing poetry, but I know what I like. I clicked on your link and said to myself ‘not a haiku, I don’t get haikus’ and that is true. I am in awe of the people able to do them, but they’re often just too short for me (like having a book snatched away after only reading the first page).. And I found this! And it is awesome! Beautiful! Even more so since I was expecting something short and… To me, and this is a very personal opinion… strange! I’ll simply say it again… Beautiful! Thank you!

    • thank you so much! ♥ i often wish i had named the blog something else as i don’t only write haiku now. in my humble opinion, all art ~ written, visual, musical, etc. ~ is always subjective and “i know what i like” is the only way to go for me. i really appreciate your visit and too kind comment. ♥

  6. I love your take on the photo~ Very clever of you! Well Done~

    • thank you, Ella! ♥ it took me a long time to know where this was going ~ in the end the prompts determined it all. i’m grateful for your visit and too kind comment.

  7. It is funny how it happens like that! I know when I struggle a bit for direction I usually end up with a better poem. Funny, how the process unfolds~X

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