•ϡ • how can you love me? •ϡ •

Love and Poetry

 ϡ  Ѱ • ϡ

i am flawed      …..i ask:

“how can you love me?”      …..you say:

“how can i not?”

ϡ  Ѱ • ϡ

“How To Love”  Li’l Wayne Cover by Megan Nicole

this is my submission to ~

Prompt #50   at   Haiku Heights
prompt:   flaw

Sensational Haiku Wednesday   at   You know…that Blog?
prompt:   freestyle

i am participating in ~


Post A Day

dedicated to the one i love



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16 responses to “•ϡ • how can you love me? •ϡ •

  1. What a sweet haiku :)

  2. magicalmysticalteacher

    Is there anyone who isn’t flawed in some way? Yet we all love to love and love to be loved. We do the best we can. It is enough. :-)

    • that’s true ~ as humans, we will never achieve perfection. i actually think it’s the imperfections that make us more beautiful, inside and out. thank you so much for taking the time to visit and comment! ♥

  3. love has a mind of its own…why fight it…smiles.

  4. Leo

    the one that accepts the flaws and the rights is the one who loves :) beautiful haiku.

  5. Perfect answer to that question :) Great haiku!

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