#aros #5 •≈·∫·≈• coffee •≈·∫·≈•

Cup of Coffee with Spices
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a cup of  coffee


with frothy milk




i’m participating in ~

#aros  a river of  stones

Visit The River



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2 responses to “#aros #5 •≈·∫·≈• coffee •≈·∫·≈•

  1. dani — Please tell me … what is #aros? xoxox

    • aros stands for a river of stones { http://ariverofstones.blogspot.com } which is actually a year-round project, but several times a year they dedicate a full month to writing “small stones.” the concept is to pay attention to the small things in life, so for that month participants write a “small stone” {very micropoetry} about something which they paid special attention to that day. the project doesn’t require a person to have a blog, but if you do then they will include the site in their blogroll. i participated the last time and actually had one of my small stones published in the book they compiled from that months aros participants. some poeple tweet their small stones, so the hashtag #aros is used on twitter. we get so caught up in “living” that we often lose sight of the everyday wonders in our lives. #aros is a way of remembering to appreciate them. something i think you do all of the time. {smile} *hugs* ♥

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