·ʅ· ζ · i get lost in you · ζ ·ʅ· {redux}


painting by Daniel Gerhartz




i get lost in you…

in your eyes…       in your embrace…

come…         get lost in me

·ʅ· ζ ·ʅ·




this is my submission to   Friday Poetically with Brian Miller   at   One Stop Poetry   a FABulous site for poets

Select a poem that you wrote prior to June 30, 2010 {this was originally posted 27 April 2010}






Filed under haikū, lust, micropoetry, one stop poetry, poetry, redux, senryū

16 responses to “·ʅ· ζ · i get lost in you · ζ ·ʅ· {redux}

  1. i see you have not lost any of that warm charm, particularly in your invitations…smiles. nice flash back dani

  2. Delightful, romantic flow!

  3. ♥ VERY Passionate!! ♥

  4. one of the best things in life to get lost in each other and forget where the one person ends and the other starts..beautiful dani

  5. nothing else is needed to be said. fabulous haiku.

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