··ȹ·· living ~ loving ~ together ··ȹ··

"The Kiss" Gustav Klimt


with a tender kiss

our love is pledged forever

happiness is ours


from this night forward

never shall we be parted

ecstasy is ours


with this tender kiss

our lives ~ now joined ~ go forward

the future is ours

   ·° ·ȹ· °·




“Living Loving Maid (She’s Just A Woman)”   Led Zeppelin     /    Sp4rky1337



this is my submission to ~


The Poetry Picnic Week Week 2   at   The Gooseberry Garden
prompt:   “The Kiss”   by   Gustav Klimt


Sensational Haiku Wednesday   at   You know…that Blog?
prompt:   living






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34 responses to “··ȹ·· living ~ loving ~ together ··ȹ··

  1. such tender words..and there’s so much in a kiss…i also loved the painting…it’s beautiful

  2. jgavinallan

    Now we are cooking…this is what i love—lovely and truly poetic

  3. Lovely and tender – dani … enhanced by the selected painting; although it doesn’t need enhancing! Both stand well on their own! xoxo

  4. This is so beautiful and romantic. I really like it, fabulously done. Thank you so much for the nomination =)

  5. RiA

    That poem would be awesome for a wedding! Kind of bummed I’m already married!

  6. Lovely poem, and I just love that painting too.

  7. Sorry I’m late again, Dani! Lovely tender haiku tribute to living :)

    • you never have to apologize to me for being late, Jenn. i’m ten minutes behind the universe which can translate from hours to days late here on earth. {smile} thank you for such a sweet comment! ♥ i appreciate it.

  8. kaykuala

    So tender and loving. It cannot be any other way!

  9. The idea of start is well present in your words… Really nice!

    • thank you so much! ♥ maybe not the first kiss ever but the first kiss of true love? at the start of a relationship or even wedding vows?

  10. This is wonderful. So sweet and a perfect choice of words.

    My firt kiss poem: http://charleslmashburn.wordpress.com/2011/08/28/forever-changed-2/

    • thank you, charles! your poem captures a classic moment. i wonder if kids still play spin the bottle? it wouldn’t be the same with a plastic water bottle. {smile}

  11. with a tender kiss

    our love is pledged forever

    happiness is ours

    well penned, sweet and delightful.. ;)

  12. I love the flow of the last lines

  13. :) long time no see.. nice style.. thank you for sharing. here’s mine.. http://fiveloaf.wordpress.com/2009/11/24/fluttering-in-an-envelope/

    • oh, i know! i do get your email updates and click over to read the entire post, but i’m bad about leaving comments. i appreciate you taking the time to visit and comment. ♥ and i LOVE your poem! beautiful!

  14. sweet and soft.
    very stunning entry.


  15. A lovely trio Dani. Gorgeous! Happiness, ecstasy, future. Glad they’re yours :-)

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