¤ » ☼ « ¤ the effect of gamma rays

Photograph by   Adam Romanowicz     “Mexican Sunrise”

I am the  SUN
not alive
and yet not dead

I have been
for billions of  years
I will be
for billions of  years more

I am the  SUN
also known as  SOL
by the inhabitants
of  the third planet out
Earth as they call it

I am formed
of  a magical substance
that provides all light
and warmth to Earth

would exist there
without Me

some worship Me
I do not care
some study Me
but they do not know

if  you were to ask Me
what do I feel
I would not say proud
I would say fulfilled
for what more could I want
than to give Life?

I  do not tire
though I never rest
I am
therefore Life is
a grave responsibility
that gives Me reason to be

I am the  SUN
not alive
and yet not dead
I am needed
and that sustains Me

¤ » ☼ « ¤

many thanks to    Adam Romanowicz    {  @3scapephotos  }  for the use of  his stunning  photograph.   visit his website    3SCAPE PHOTOS  HERE    or    his blog  HERE.

this is my submission to ~

One Shoot Sunday     at     One Stop Poetry.    go check out some of  the other entries or submit one yourself.  take some time to look around the site if you’ve never been there ~ it is FABulous!
prompt:   the photograph above

The Thursday Think Tank #54     at     Poets United  a FABulous site for poets ~ check them out!
prompt:   {the feelings of }  Inanimate Objects

Poetry Potluck     at     Jingle Poetry     a Fabulous site for poets ~ spend some time there!

Prompt #273     at     Sunday Scribblings
prompt:   Give

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40 responses to “¤ » ☼ « ¤ the effect of gamma rays

  1. Solid write and, again, use of repetition.

    • thank you, Steve! your opinion means a lot to me. {sorry i haven’t replied to your email ~ my laptop is shutting itself down so much that i’m barely managing a post a day.}

  2. How beautiful..shone clearly and formed a perfect circle from beginning to end..Jae

  3. A commanding exposition of our solar life giver. A good, thoughful read.

  4. No doubt helped by the web’s propensity for synchronicity, I have chosen the same subject for my contribution to Poetry Jam’s prompt.

    Really enjoyed this.

  5. i am needed and that sustains me…its nice to feel needed, if you are the sun or otherwise…i am rather thankful for it to keep me warm…

  6. dustus

    Like Steve, enjoyed the repetition through out your personification. Describing the sun in terms of magic, an entity not dead nor alive, a life force that is. Effective use of title too, reminding of breakdown and depth to light.

  7. what a beautiful ode to the sun dani…fullfilled because he’s giving life…i love this. you know – in german the sun is female and the moon is male – just the other way round…but the male sun as life-giving is a thought i much like

    • thank you, Claudia! ♥ i’m afraid that i switch back and forth on whether the moon is male or female, but i’ve always felt the sun is male. i really appreciate your kind comment! ♥

  8. Really enjoyed this one Dani, I’ve been meaning to sit down and write you a huge email, I plan on doing that tonight, lots to tell, I can only apologise for going AWOL! Tell you all about it later xx

  9. needed, and do i detect a hint of threat as well?

    • i wasn’t consciously trying to convey a threat, but wherever there is great power there is always a threat, isn’t there? thank you for visiting and commenting! ♥

  10. ⋱ ⋮ ⋰
    ⋯ ◯ ⋯
    ¨ ⋰ ⋱
    …….☻ ♥☻
    …….||. .||
    ♥ Lღ√Ƹ ♥ Ƥεa¢ε ♥
    Well Done!

  11. An interesting monologue from the perspective of the sun – beautiful words for a stunning photo.

  12. Beauty, sustainance… Life itself offered and fulfilled by the Sol. Wonderful write.

  13. Yes, without the sun we wouldn’t exist. Lovely!

  14. giving the sun a voice…that was interesting to read. #like

  15. Love the image and your poem! Both are excellent as it feels =)~ Thank for joining us at Jingle Poetry!=P

  16. I am the SUN
    not alive
    and yet not dead
    I am needed
    and that sustains Me

    love the repetition, superb poetry.
    Happy Potluck!

  17. The sun is an essential force to our existence … just as the Divine planned. Solid post, dani. You are expanding and growing beautifully! Well done ~~

    • thank you so very, very much, Becca. it’s felt like my writing’s been evolving {not necessarily improving} but i thought maybe that was just my imagination {or ego.} i always appreciate your visits and sweet comments! ♥

  18. It is so easy to understand why some cultures look to the sun as a god. Such an important part of our life, essential for life. Nice first person sun poem.

  19. Powerful, beautiful I really love the personification of the sun

    • thank you so much! it was funny because while i was writing it, i was hearing this really deep voice reverberating in my mind. {smile} ♥

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