. ۲ . ۳ . bound in these imperfect forms . ۴ . ۵ . ۶

“Women in Winter”   by  .   Brenda Clews


bound in these imperfect forms
beautiful though they may be

no angels we
…………………………………mere mortals be

…………………………………we follow our
…………………………………………………….heart’s desires

giving in to tempt

longing for sin

too fond of  adore
sexual relation

instant gratification

~ that immediate feel-good experience ~

more important than redemption in the after


we think we can avoid consequences
so we ignore the roiling in our stomachs
and gorge ourselves on all the earthly pleasures

never seeking tranquility

………………….we refuse to alter
…………………………………………………………….our behavior
………………….for the good of  others
………………….or even the good


and thus

we remain




imperfect forms

. ۲ . ۳ . ۴ . ۵ . ۶ .




a huge thank you to   .   Brenda Clews   .   {  @brendaclews  }  for allowing me the use of  another of  her stunning works of  art ~   .  “Women in Winter”  . ~ i can only hope that she is satisfied with my poem to accompany such beauty.  see all of  her amazing artwork, poetry, videos and so much more at her wonderful website   .   Brenda Clews.com.  you can see my previous post with Brenda’s artwork   .   HERE.


i would also like to thank   .   Mr. Walker   .   who keeps up his blog  “Sadly Waiting for Recess”  on both   .   blogger  HERE   .  and   .   wordpress  HERE.   for the final edition of  the Monday Prompt at   .  BIG TENT POETRY   .  he offered the prompt:   “bound in these imperfect forms” which has stuck in my mind ever since.


i want to thank the brilliant poet   .   Brian Miller  .  {  @bmiller007  }  who is one of  the original poets behind the truly amazing site   One Stop Poetry.  click  .   HERE  .   to read his poem  .  “Operator, I…”   .   at his blog   .   waystationone.  not that i’m comparing my poem in the LEAST to his stunning work, but something about it did influence me when writing this. i hope that doesn’t insult him ~ i mean it as the highest compliment.   i don’t think i’ll  EVER be able to come within ten miles of  the talent Brian has.  on top of  that he’s a nice guy.

let me add that this is a poem ~ it is not intended to either contradict or confirm anyone’s religious beliefs and in fact, may not reflect my own spiritual beliefs.  it’s just a poem.



this is my submission to  ~


One Shoot Sunday   .  at  .   One Stop Poetry.  go check out some of  the other entries or submit one yourself.  take some time to look around the site if you’ve never been there ~ it is FABulous!





The Poetry Pantry #53 .  at  .  Poets United ~ another FABulous site for poets!
submit a new or old poem








my friend, Steve Isaak’s   .  3 Word Week #14   .  at  .   READING & WRITING BY PUB LIGHT
3 words:   experience, heart, roil


Prompt 172   .  at  .   One Single Impression
prompt:   miss (long for)



3WW CCXLIV   .  at  .   Three Word Wednesday
3 words:   alter, fond, tranquil



songs i listened to while writing ~

“Hallelujah”   .  by  k.d. lang

“Hallelujah”   .  by  Jeff Buckley





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Women In Winter, 2009 by  Brenda Clews
Oil paint,
watercolour pencils, India ink on 300lb Arches watercolour paper,
75cm x 56cm, 29.5″ x 22″
Part of a series of 4 paintings, all with
the same figure from the same lifedrawing class, each named after a
See all four paintings, one for each season, at my website:




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30 responses to “. ۲ . ۳ . bound in these imperfect forms . ۴ . ۵ . ۶

  1. Hey Dani,
    “Bound in these imperfect forms” instantly remind me of the Japanese aesthetic (Wabi Sabi) view centered around on the acceptance of transience; quoting Wikipedia “….nothing is perfect… flawed beauty”.

    I like your narrative in this poem using the Western religious values. I’ll be interested in your take on ‘Wabi-Sabi’.
    Well done Dani! :)

  2. wow, that is a gorgeous painting and a real morality tale for today. yesterday too, i guess, but definitely for today!

    i also came by to say this: As Poets United celebrates its first anniversary this week, we want to thank you for your support. Over the past year, we have grown to 250 members plus and are steadily growing. Poets United is proud to have you as one of our members and look forward to another successful year. Your imagination, creativity and willingness to share with us is what makes our community such a wonderful place. Thank you for beautiful poetry and thank you for being a part of Poets United.

    • thank you so very much, Marian! ♥ i love Poets United and want to become more active as soon as i get my computer issues sorted out. it’s a fabulous concept and amazing site! i really fell in love with Brenda’s art. this is the second time she’s been generous enough to grant me permission to use her art in a post. and considering that she’s a poet herself, i feel quite honored. a great example of how wonderful the poetry community and the poets are! ♥

  3. Extremely moving poem. Being art, I can’t see why one would take offense to it. Then again, I’m usually wrong about stuff :)

    • i’ve had people focus on the religious aspects when that’s not the point i’m trying to make. that there is any religious element in my poetry is always unintended. thank you VERY much for your comment and visit, Adam. i always value what you have to say.

  4. Thank you, for giving us the backstory behind the poem. It added more meaning to it. Great piece. Enjoyed the words like
    ” bound to these imperfect forms”
    Great work, Dani

    • thank you, Sean. as i said in the post, i can’t take credit for the phrase but it’s been in my head ever since i first saw it over a month ago. i always appreciate you visiting and commenting. ♥

  5. A n interesting peeling away of our shams till there is just our naked, shivering truth! Love the fractured format enhancing the poem’s atmosphere!

    • thank you! i’m grateful to hear that the format did have a positive impact. ♥ i really appreciate your visit and kind comment! ♥

  6. thank you for the introduction to Brenda Clews.

    • isn’t her work stunning! i just love it and am amazed that as a poet herself, she is still willing to allow me to use her art in my posts. thank you for visiting and commenting. ♥

  7. i am humbled….love the line breaks, ha…that is some fabulous word play, i think this is a gorgeous piece dani…we do tend to be all in the immediate gratification you know….feels good to be a nice guy too…smiles.

    • it’s difficult to decide which to list first actually ~ brilliant poet or really nice guy? {smile} your poem is stunning {i need more adjectives!} and i knew as i was writing this that i had elements of your poem in mind ~ as i said NOT on a level with your writing, but it had an impact as this is a really different style of poem for me. thank you! i seriously worry about what the future holds with everything becoming more and more “immediate” ~ instant communication around the world via how many different technologies? download books and movies immediately. the fast pace of video and computer games. i wonder if it’s all going to create a world where everyone has the attention span of a gnat and absolutely no patience?

  8. I was really trying to guess what is all about that abstract painting until I went to read on the name of the painting followed by that bold verses you penned…phewwww…..so true! I am speechless!

  9. beautiful thoughts shared.

  10. Nicely knitted together! Love it :)

    Haiku Poems

  11. Terrific. I especially like how this is not just an indictment of unhealthy behavior, but you’ve tied it to a consequence–we are unable to ascend, as it were, beyond our imperfect forms. For me, that’s what brings this all together.

    • thank you, Peter. this had been bubbling around in my brain for about a month. “bound in these imperfect forms” is such a great line! i wish i’d thought of it. {smile}

  12. A fabulous write… I came here after the review of your blog on Jingle Poetry. I look forward to visiting and exploring more of your work in the future. A powerful message held within the words of a glorious poem.

    • thank you SO much! ♥ that’s one of the nicest comments i’ve ever received. i really appreciate your visit ~ i was really surprised by the review at Jingle Poetry. they are very kind. ♥

  13. Imaginative in execution, intriguing-flow and -language work.

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