·ɤ·ɣ·Ɣ· poetry ·Ɣ·ɣ·ɤ· . #5lines


the words draw me in
to a world unknown to me
a magical world
created by someone else
imagined by some other


exploding in my mind’s eye
visions of  joy or terror
it does not matter
what  i see…    only that i
did not create it





tonight is the final night of   .   May 2011:  International 5 Line Poetry Month   .   which was created by  .  Tina Nguyen  .  at her blog   .   A wish for the sky…   .  and tweeted with the hashtag   .   #5lines.  i did not quite manage to post a 5 line poem every day in May.  i did, however, learn a lot about different forms of  5 line poetry and read many beautiful poems written by others. when i was trying to decide what my final poem for the month should be,  i thought i would try to describe what it means to me to read someone else’s words ~ whether poetry or prose.  whatever the genre, it’s wonderful to read about things that i would never have imagined on my own.

i want to thank Tina for creating and organizing the   .   5 Line Poetry Month   .    and for all she does for poets and poetry, especially on twitter. she is also one of  the most talented poets i know.

if  you missed the posts about 5 line poetry forms, here are the links ~

May is for 5 Line Poetry   via  Tina Nguyen at A wish for the sky…

May 2011:  International 5 Line Poetry Month ~ Forms via Nimue and Becca Givens

to see the tweets of  #5line poetry, please click   .   HERE.

to see a blogroll of  the sites which participated in 5 Line Poetry Month, please click   .  HERE.

if  you would like to read any of  my attempts at various forms of 5 line poetry, please click  .   HERE   .   ~ all of  my 5 line poems identify the poetry form, describe it briefly and often provide a link to get more information. or you can just click on the category  5 Line Poetry Month #5lines.

here are links to some sites with information about poetry forms, not just 5 line poetry ~

Poetry Primer

One Stop Poetry Forms


Gogyohka Junction

Tanka Online


the poem above is a mirror tanka {one 5 line tanka with a syllable count of  5/7/5/7/7  and a reverse tanka 7/7/5/7/5.

from One Stop Poetry Form  .  at  .  One Stop Poetry  ~

Today the standard form for tanka is generally noted as a 5 line poem, (in syllables) 5-7-5-7-7.

A tanka is not one poem, but two. It’s a combination of two poems, or thoughts, etc.  The first three lines are called  Kami-no-ku (upper poem). The last two lines of 7-7 is called Shim-no-ku, (lower poem). They are joined by that middle pivot line, called kakekotoba.

The kakekotobais a pivot or bridge between the two main poems.  It should be part of the upper verse AND the lower verse in thought or poetry.  The pivot line is both the last image and end of the upper verse as well as the first image and beginning of the lower verse.  Both poems, read divided…the top from the bottom, should be able to stand on its own.

This last unit of 7-7 is used as a repetition or summary of the top poem.  I think of this shim-no-ku more as a re-enforcement or continuation of the sentiment of the whole poem…..Read More


May 2011: International 5 Line Poetry Month
sponsored by  .  Tina Nguyen .  at  .  A wish for the sky…

May 2011  at  .  NaBloPoMo

Post A Day





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3 responses to “·ɤ·ɣ·Ɣ· poetry ·Ɣ·ɣ·ɤ· . #5lines

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  2. Perfect! Just like you. xoxo I remain in awe of how involved you are with so many forms of poetry. Your knowledge is daunting. You share so freely so others can learn. Such a generous, giving heart my dear bestie. I love you. xo

    • my knowledge is really soooo basic! and my abilities fall far shorter than what i have learned. but i do love poetry and i do love you, bunny!! ♥ *bouncy bubbly bestie hugs* ♥

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