yippee ki yay…. {rated R for language}

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i live in the Wild West

Tombstone to be exact

i’m known as the best

…the best at everything

it riles all the rest

‘specially the men

they really haven’t got a clue

why i’m so much better than ’em

in shootin  an’ ropin

i can ride a buckin  bronco, too

bareback , barefoot,  standin up to boot


…they wanna know how

…how can i do it all?

i take no bow

i give no hint

just raise one eyebrow

and smile like Mona Lisa


as i’m ridin out of  town

i stop and turn

my horse rears high

and i yell so all can hear…

yippee ki yay, mother fuckers!




this is my submission to  .   Friday Poetically with Brian Miller  .  at  .   One Stop Poetry

prompt: Write a poem with a movie reference in it.

“yippee ki yay, mother fucker” is the signature line from the movie   “Die Hard”


i am participating in ~

May 2011  .  at  .  NaBloPoMo








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2 responses to “yippee ki yay…. {rated R for language}

  1. ha nice…love that movie…and i like bruce willis a lot…smiles

    • {smiles} my attempts at rhyming always fall short, but if you don’t mind bad poetry… i knew the movie line i wanted to use then found the image. the rest is just filler. {giggle} as always, thank you for visiting and your too kind comment, Claudia. oh, i love the movie, too. and Bruce Willis isn’t too bad either. ♥

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