Camellia in prose on Microstory A Week

Steve Isaak of  .  READING & WRITING BY PUB LIGHT  .  has a second blog  .  Microstory A  Week.  anyone who writes prose can submit a short story for publication {see submission guidelines  .  Here . }  i revised my recent poem “camellia”  to prose and Steve has kindly posted it  .  Here  at Microstory A Week.  this is the first time i’ve rewritten a poem as prose but i have to admit that it was more prose-poetry/poetry-prose to start with so it didn’t take much to revise it.  you can also visit Steve on his facebook page  Here.  oh, and don’t miss his  .   3 Word Week  .  at  READING & WRITING BY PUB LIGHT  ~  he posts three words and their definitions every Monday and gives you an entire week to link to your story using all three words.  here is my most recent submission “the good old days…”

thank you, Steve, for so kindly accepting my submission of  “Camellia”  to  .  Microstory A Week.



“Camellia”   by  .  dani harris

between raindrops, a light scent of musk drifted through the air reaching a man
sitting alone. as though in a dream, the irresistible scent dre…..Read More

via  .  Microstory A Week






Filed under fantasy, science fiction and horror, lust, prose, sensual

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  1. Left a comment on Steve’s blog. Wonderful.

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