Ɣ·ᵞ· lily ·ᵞ·Ɣ


Photograph by Brett Hatfield



seemingly pure

simple  …yet elegant

sensual in shape  …luscious scent



like you…

visual aphrodisiac

tempts me to touch  …caress

my one desire


·ᵞ· Ɣ ·ᵞ·




i’m participating in  .   May 2011:  International  5 Line Poetry Month
.   sponsored by  .  Tina Nguyen  .   at her blog   .  A wish for the sky…



this form of  poetry is a  .   mirror Crapsey’s cinquain  ~

Crapsey’s cinquains were invented by the American poet  .   Adelaide Crapsey   .   and are 5 Line poems utilizing an increasing syllable count in the first four lines:

line one – 2 syllables
line two – 4 syllables
line three – 6 syllables
line four – 8 syllables
line five – 2 syllables

a reverse Crapsey’s cinquain contains 5 lines with a syllable count of  2/8/6/4/2

a mirror Crapsey’s cinquain consists of  a cinquain followed by a reverse cinquain


May 2011  .  at  .  NaBloPoMo




Post A Day






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4 responses to “Ɣ·ᵞ· lily ·ᵞ·Ɣ

  1. ah…love the sensual nature of this one…smiles.

  2. Finally made my way back home…..beautiful and fresh!!

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