Love Will Find You Out {via}


“Love Will Find You Out”  .  by  .  Jen Lemen

It’s okay to fall apart.
You don’t have to know the answers.
All those pieces you’ve been holding for so long while you raced around
your life looking for the last roll of scotch tape, go ahead, let them fall.
Let them fall.
Every last piece.

It’s okay to scramble.
You don’t have to be calm now.
All those plans you’ve been stringing together like a macaroni necklace in kindergarten–
every last one is beautiful, so beautiful, so go ahead.
Keep grabbing at everything you ever wanted and alwa…..Read More







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8 responses to “Love Will Find You Out {via}

  1. It goes on a bit (just an opinion!) but is beautifully stated nonetheless.

    • it struck a chord with me. {smile} thank you for reading and commenting. if i haven’t said so before, i appreciate you putting the link to my blog on your site. ♥

  2. Lovely sweet poetry….give us more…Love, peace, blessings to you, Nora

  3. jgavinallan

    Found this by accident. Now, glad I did. Beautiful. Some parts were too close to me to reread. Ming Bai? (Understand?)
    I need some insight on my work concerning love. When you have time.

    • i’m afraid that since Jen Lemen wrote this, you’ll need to comment on her blog. {just click on the Read More link.} thank you for visiting. i’m sorry i couldn’t help.

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