*An Ode to a Poet* {via A Broken World}

besides this being a stunning and beautiful poem from eclipseofthemoon, it seems quite fitting for our celebration of  National Poetry Month and our celebration of  poets.  eclipseofthemoon is an artist and poet who lives in Sweden. please take some time to look around her blog if you haven’t before.

*An Ode to a Poet*  .  by  .   eclipseofthemoon


A different kind of a being

passing through

the windy alleys of  this world

leaving the unforgetable marks behind


And how is it possible to ever let go

of  such a precious soul

fragile and strong

at the same time

where light meets darkness

clinging to ea…..Read More












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3 responses to “*An Ode to a Poet* {via A Broken World}

  1. i am honored by your post today, dani…thank you from the bottom of my heart <3
    much love/eclipse

    • your poem is beautiful and just seems so perfect for celebrating National Poetry Month. ♥ i am grateful to be able to reblog it. thank you.

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