·∏∏· how many? {One Shoot Sunday at One Stop Poetry}

Photograph courtesy of   James Rainsford


how many men
would stand looking out
clutching the bars so tight
that their knuckles turned white?

how many hours
would it take until
a man began to feel afraid
desperate for some control?

how many days
would have to pass
before reality sank in
and a man had to face his fate?

how many weeks
would slowly go by
never once being able
to see another human being?

how many months
would fade from memory
and make even the sunlight
lose the slightest glimmer of  hope?

how many years
piled one on another
and became too much to bear
until madness finally consumed him?




i would like to thank James Rainsford for so kindly allowing the use of  his wonderful photograph. to see more of  his stunning photography, prose and poetry please visit his sites     The Sanctum of  Sanity    and   .   James Rainsford.


this is my submission to  .   One Shoot Sunday  .  at  .  One Stop Poetry.  go check out some of  the other entries or even submit one yourself.







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20 responses to “·∏∏· how many? {One Shoot Sunday at One Stop Poetry}

  1. Bars are like a physical affirmation that there is no room to be in one’s own space! That limit must guarantee madness! A beautifully paced poem!

  2. dustus

    The series of questioning fits the confinement so very well. What else would one have then but their thoughts and questions. Great write and stated eloquently in light of solitary incarceration.

  3. i’ve been reading a book yesterday about two men who spent four years in an african prison…and your poem reminded me of this..when people slowly start to lose their mind…good write dani

    • thank you, Claudia. ♥ i really can’t imagine what the confinement would do to someone, but being able to see out through those bars into the sunlight seems like it would become torture. i appreciate your visit and comment. ♥

  4. well, it only took a week for me…hehe…ok, serious it probably would, i crave human contact…

  5. I feel the walls closing in .. Great write!

  6. Really touching Dani, how many months would pass for someone to starve behind these bars. Loved it!

  7. Pen

    A nice flow. I love this one.

  8. Did you find James’ poems after reading my post or did you already know him? I just think he gets right to the hub.

    • actually, James offered five different photographs as prompts for the One Shoot Sunday feature at One Shot Poetry. he was interviewed by them and offered a photograph as prompt for a previous One Shoot Sunday, too. he is amazing as a poet and a photographer. thanks for stopping by. ♥

  9. Yipes, I’m feeling a little claustrophobic just reading this!

    • i know! it was kind of difficult to get into the mindset of someone imprisoned there alone… and i would think that being able to see that bit of the outside world and sunshine would make it even harder to endure. thank you for visiting and commenting. ♥♥♥

  10. I think you must have captured what it is like being a prisoner of war. I wonder they don’t all go mad; and yet many survive and are strengthened by the experience. The human mind has wonderful coping mechanisms. Although I suppose it’s as individual and unique as every other human trait. This was well written and I enjoyed it.

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