♥ floating on air ♥


Photograph courtesy of Lauren Randolph . Lauren Randolph’s website


what more can i say?

in love ~ i’m floating on air

happy as a clam

isn’t that what they say?   why?

ever hear a clam giggle?

♥ ☺ ♥



this is my entry for One Shoot Sunday at One Stop Poetry.   go check out some of  the other entries or even submit one yourself.


Post A Day












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22 responses to “♥ floating on air ♥

  1. dustus

    Some clams contain a pearl of wisdom. She has wings in love. Nice challenge response.

    • you’re being too kind, Adam. i’ve just been reading the other submissions and seriously am thinking of removing mine. i appreciate your comment. ♥

  2. ha. cute poem…

    thanks for the smiles today

  3. clams are far too dignified to giggle.

    at least, that’s what I heard.

  4. She and the clams may be giggling, but I think the balloon is very down. *wince*

  5. Cute piece… now if only we could secure that pearl of wisdom in our happiness.

  6. Beautiful, honestly very beautiful

  7. Love this, you made me smile!

  8. I think you’ve captured the whimsy of the photo quite well.. fun take..

  9. can not say I ever have…fun and delightful read….bkm

  10. Deliriously mood-effective, love the end-line.

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