.ϫ Venus ϫ.

So-called “Venus de Milo” (Aphrodite from Melo...

"Venus de Milo" Image via Wikipedia


legend says men love you, yet i wonder what you’d think? trying to decipher the look upon your face ’tis not love i see there, but disdain. the curve of  your lips is not inviting ~ is it rather distaste for what you look upon?


.ϫ ♥ ϫ.

the Goddess of  Love

Venus or Aphrodite

the name matters not

.ϫ ♥ ϫ.




the form i used is  {i hope}  a haibun ~ prose ending with haiku. {though in the strictest sense this would be senryu, not haiku.} if you are bored, you may count the words and see that it is also a flash fiction 55. i used several prompts as listed below:

this is my submission to One Stop Poetry for both Friday Poetically with Brian Miller {write a poem about a work of art}  and A Saturday Celebration {step outside your comfort zone and try a new style of writing} ~ this is  my second haibun and i only recently have been attempting to write prose.

this is my entry for   Theme Thursday prompt:  face

this is my submission to Big Tent Poetry . Monday Prompt(s)
prompt:  Write a poem that starts, “Legend says ______.”



this is my   Flash Friday 55   at Mr. Knowitall where the G-Man hosts Friday Flash 55.


i am also participating in NaPoWriMo,    National Poetry Month and Post A Day 2011 at WordPress.






Post A Day


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30 responses to “.ϫ Venus ϫ.

  1. very nice…her name matters little just her form? perhaps to some men…smiles.

    • it’s the look in the eyes and the sneer on her lips that caught my attention. i’d never noticed before. not quite the expression i’d expect from the Goddess of Love. {smile} thank you for the visit and comment, Brian. oh, and the prompt. ♥

  2. When I was in College many years ago, I belonged to a fraternity called Phi Delta Tau. Whenever we hosted a party of BYO, at some point we would all gather in a circle and sing Frat songs in a boisterous and drunken manner.
    “There once was a woman named Venus,
    and we hold the secret between us.
    She gave all her Charms
    and BOTH of her arms,
    to be with a Phi Delt Man!”
    Thanks for playing, join us again a little earlier next time, and have a Kick Ass Week-End!!

    • {giggle} thanks so much for sharing such a lovely memory. {smile} i definitely will try to join in earlier, though it may not be until after National Poetry Month is over. i appreciate you visiting and commenting.

  3. Pen

    I love the way you made me look at the picture again. I never noticed the expression was so contemptuous. Great stuff but what a complex form!

    • really, it’s not complex ~ you can use any kind of prose {i just happened to choose 55 words} then add the haiku at the end. i hadn’t noticed her expression before either. thank you so much for your visit and kind comment. ♥

  4. I think she might be looking at Zeus without his Toga on, well old men sans six packs don’t really inspire a smile do they lol :D Lovely form Dani, I often think what she is looking at, and where her arms went ;)

  5. You’re so observant – perfect choice of words!

  6. Enjoyed your haibun a lot! You did a great job working in all the prompts seamlessly! Thanks for joining up, my friend.

  7. I hadn’t noticed before until you pointed it out … she DOES have a sneer and/or look of disgust …
    Well done, dani :-)

  8. lovely… I never really thought about the expression on her lips…for some reason the missing arms always draw my attention…but your words tickled me into doing so and I would have to agree distain seems to grace her lips. you work well outside your comfort zone.

    • thank you for such a kind comment! ♥ i think everyone’s eyes are drawn to the missing arms. this was the first time i focused on her expression and that was because one of the prompts i used was “face” ~ i love seeing something new in something familiar. ♥

  9. Gay

    Well done. Here’s another form I was unacquainted with; I think you mastered it beautifully, the haiku acting in apposition to the prose. Thank you!

  10. I think it’s brave of you to combine the two. so I’ve learned today that one of my haiku is actually a senryu…mmmm. never heard of that one before. :) you learn something new every day. anyways…lovely write!

  11. Interesting step up to the challenge… thanks for sharing so much about it’s form.

    • thank you for your visit and comment. so far, i have learned about two totally new poetry forms due to National Poetry Month. {smile}

  12. such a clear, honest, profound truth in your words…and taking that further, rita or barbara..it doesnt matter…when we feel love we are all gods/goddess’s cheers pete

    • so true, pete ~ especially at the beginning of a relationship we can feel like a god or goddess. thank you for such a kind compliment and for visiting.

  13. Deb

    I like your take on the sculpture.

  14. Love your take…your observations are so apt :)

  15. haibun ! i have been trying to write one since long …
    This was a wonderful one Dani !!
    and lady .. you wrapped so many prompts into one ! whoa !!

    • thank you! ♥ i really appreciate your sweet comment. as talented as you are, i’m sure you will write something amazing! i enjoy haibun ~ my first one was with 160-character prose and then the haiku.

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