was it easy to seduce me?

  • was it easy to seduce me?
  • was it fun?
  • did i take the bait
  • too quickly?
  • did i give myself
  • too soon?
  • was my lonely heart
  • too open?
  • was my need for you
  • too strong?
  • did you even want me?
  • or was it just that i was free?


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7 responses to “was it easy to seduce me?

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  2. I love it when you do ones in this style Dani! That is one thing about you that I haven’t seen from anyone else yet – you do such a fantastic job of using any style!

    As for the words, as always, personally get the better of me. I’ll be the first to tell you that my heart is always too open and my need always too strong. Relating personally, that is what I always get from your lovely words…

    • relating personally is the highest compliment you could give me, Brett. thank you. technical problems are getting in the way. i probably won’t be back online again today. take care, dear. *hugs*

  3. Deepthi

    splendid:) I appreciate the way u write… :)

  4. Love it, Dani, all great questions and what an amazing poem they make!

    PS: seems like we both thought to write something that might touch people on a personal note yesterday :)

    • thank you, Estrella! it means so much to me when you comment. i’m having major problems with my laptop right now, so not posting or visiting fave blogs. just stopped by here to answer the comments left by friends like you! if what i’m doing to try to fix the computer works, i hope to be back next week. if i don’t make it worse. ;-p *big hugs* i’ll be at your site as soon as i can, sweetheart.

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