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∙ஏ∙ •இ• ∙ந∙ dance ∙ஏ∙ •இ• ∙ந∙


• இ •

∙ •இ• ∙

set  your  spirit  free


∙ஏ∙ •இ• ∙ந∙

∙ஏ∙ இ ∙ந∙

∙∙ •இ• ∙∙


LOVE  this!

The Company [2nd Place]   ::   Vibe XIX  2014

artwork ~   “Dance”   Alphonse Mucha
{  public domain }


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ᆢᅔ • ゐ •ᆢ all of me ᆢ• ゐ • ᅕᆢ

• ゐ •

ᅔ • ゐ • ᅕ

i  was standing still

in a time dulled by shades of  gray

and shadows of  loneliness

until came the day  you looked into me

love pouring  forth  from  your eyes

warming  me with its  glow

suddenly,  i  perceived the world

bright and color-filled

blues ~ reds ~ greens ~ yellows

no longer muted

incandescent and  joyful

you transformed my life

into a dream become our reality

i  have naught to  give  you in return

but  all  of  me

ᆢᅔ • ゐ • ᅕᆢ

ᆢᅔ ゐ ᅕᆢ

ᅔ • ゐ • ᅕ

• ゐ •

“All of  Me”   Josh Kaufman


artwork ~  “unknown title”   Seraphine Louis
{  public domain }

this is my submission to  ~

Fireblossom Friday:  Seraphine Louis     at    imaginary garden with real toads
prompt:    write something inspired by the artwork of  Seraphine Louis

thank you for the FABulous prompt, Fireblossom!


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BIG POETRY GIVEAWAY 2014 ~ and the winners are….


(inter)National Poetry Month
April  2014

and the winners are…

after a random drawing  { i put everyone’s email addresses into a bowl and (with my eyes closed) mixed them up then selected two  six } the winners of the books are:

Becca   won  “Three-Note Howl: The Wild Hunt” by Shay Caroline Simmons,  Kelli Simpson and Joy Ann Jones

Evelyn   won  “My Mad Love: poems out in the noonday sun”  by Shay Caroline Simmons

i have sent them each an email notification and to obtain their mailing addresses.

Allyson won the e-book “The Road Not Taken and Other Poems [Illustrated]”  by Robert Frost

Rodney won the e-book  “Leaves of  Grass [Illustrated]”  by Walt Whitman

Margo won the e-book  “100 Best-Loved Poems

Marianne won the e-book  “Love Poem Collection — The Greatest Love Poems and Quotes of  All Time [Illustrated]

i have sent them each an email notification and ordered the e-books from amazon.com

thank you to everyone who participated and congratulations to the winners!

the giveaway is now closed


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∘♥∘ ❤ ∘♥∘ soft kisses ∘♥∘ ❤ ∘♥∘

∘  ∘

♥  ♥

his kisses so soft

they should barely be felt

…..and yet…..

they set her on fire

he kissed her tenderly

wanting only that she know

how very much he loved her

it was as if  her body

could not help but respond

and,  as their passion deepened,

they lost themselves

in the soft kisses and one another

∘♥∘ ∘♥∘

♥∘  ∘♥

♥  ♥

∘  ∘

i’ve never been that big of  a fan of  Rod Stewart but i LOVE this song ~ he really sounds different!

“A Kiss To Build A Dream On”     Rod Stewart

the first four lines were originally posted  2 December 2010 and the rest was written last night

artwork  ~   “Kiss”    Vsevolod Maksymovych
{  public domain }

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⋆ ❍ ⋆ Moon Watches ⋆ ❍ ⋆ by Ainsley Allmark @DolphinDancer


* ❍ *


She watches
Sees the Earth turn
Beneath her

Sees me dreaming
About you
Holding you close
In my thoughts

Sees you thinking
About me
Swaying gently
In our dance

Five thousand miles
Is but a thought
As our lips touch
And our kisses flow

Moon always watching
Sees us turn in our dance
Smiles in our Love

*  ⋆  ❍  ⋆  *

*⋆  ❍  ⋆*


* ❍ *

“Same Side of  The Moon”   Corrinne May

my dear  friend,  Ainsley Allmark,  { @DolphinDancer }  was kind enough to write this poem in response to my poem  “the moon has left me”  (below) ~ his poem  “Moon Watches”  can be  found at his main blog,  Dolphin Muse.  please scroll down to the blogrolls at the bottom of  this page to  find links to his other ‘Dolphin’  blogs.  i’d like to thank Ainsley  for his beautiful  love song in response to mine,  and  for allowing me to share it with you here along with his stunning photograph of  the  “Fool Moon.”

the moon has left me

dani  @  my heart’s love songs


the moon has left me

to pay you a visit

( now i miss both you and her )

the trees have stayed though

quiet company for me

( they don’t like to talk )

the stars are hiding

too shy to let me see them

( but i can feel their presence )

tonight the moon will return

as though nothing ever happened

( then leave again to see you )

so we must share her

from opposite sides of  the earth

( yet,  always,  we see the same side of  the moon )

⋆  ❍  ⋆

⋆ ❍ ⋆


image  ~   “Fool Moon”   Ainsley Allmark
{  permission from the photographer } { © all rights reserved by Ainsley Allmark }

“Moon Watches”   { © all rights reserved by Ainsley Allmark }

have you entered the



just click  HERE  to go to the giveaway post ~  you’ll get all of  the information about what books are being given away and how to enter.

thanks  for  joining  in!


*the giveaway closes at midnight  (12:00am)  Pacific Standard Time USA on the night of  April 30/May 1,  2014.

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