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One Moon via Ainsley Allmark @DolphinDancer

One Moon

by  Ainsley Allmark
aka  @DolphinDancer

She played
Stirred the waters
Into a gentle whirlpool

One Moon showed
A secret face
Never seen
Except by her Lover

One Moon kissed

via  Dolphin Muse

Beethoven’s   “Moonlight  Sonata”

my gratitude to Ainsley Allmark  for allowing  me to re-blog  his poem  “One Moon”  today.  i hope it is the beginning  of  another series.  you will  find much of  Ainsley’s poetry  from  2012  at his main blog  ‘Dolphin Muse‘ and  Ainsley’s small stones from the January 2012 Mindful Writing Challenge can be found at  ‘Dolphin Ainsley‘.   you will  find links to the rest of  Ainsley’s Dolphin blogs,  including  ‘Dolphin Visions‘  which contains some of  his gorgeous photography as well as poetry,  in the blogroll at the bottom of  this page.

artwork   ~   “Autumn  flowers in  front of  full moon”    Hiroshige
{ public domain }


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encore presentation: 2012 featured poets ~ Ainsley Allmark

(inter)national poetry month
April 2013

encore presentation
2012 featured poets
at my heart’s love songs

Ainsley Allmark

to celebrate {inter}national poetry month,  i am pleased to be featuring some of  the most creative,  talented,  brilliant  {really!}  poets of  our time.  i have been fortunate over the past three and a half years to meet this amazing group of  people through twitter and their blogs.  not only are they writers who excite and enchant and entrance their readers,  they are,  one and all,  nice people who are supportive of  everyone in our online poetry community.  the “age of  technology”  has,  in fact,  facilitated the spread of  the ARTS! ~  poetry,  photography,  art,  prose,  music…   i have friends i have yet to meet face-to-face from all around the world.  day or night,  you can visit their blogs and be transported to another time or place or frame of  mind with just a few clicks of  a mouse.  i find it thrilling!  and i believe you will find it equally thrilling to discover their words.

just click on the  “Read More”  links on each poem to be taken to a new tab or window to read the rest of  the poem on the author’s blog.  if  you enjoy what you read,  please leave a comment on their blog to let them know.  { you don’t have to say you saw them here. }  i am truly honored that these wonderful people agreed to be featured on my blog ~  my gratitude to them all.

and thank you for coming to our celebration ~  enjoy!



featured poet:

Ainsley Allmark

Ainsley Allmark  { @DolphinDancer }  is an amazing writer of  prose and poetry, as well as a stunning photographer.  he lives on the western point of Cornwall in the United Kingdom ~ as he describes it,  he is  “living in a wonderful part of the world…  ‘twixt sea and magical circle on the moor…”   he is so prolific that he has multiple  “Dolphin”  blogs.  he tends toward short poetry forms,  but his longer poems are wonderful ~ especially the romantic ones.  in his own words,  Ainsley is  “a spiritual explorer, collector of random things.”

enjoy a small taste of  his talent  ~


Camelia    by    Ainsley Allmark



Cam…..Read More

via   DolphinDancer’s twitpic photo stream


Webs and Dreams    by   Ainsley Allmark

A web of words
About our lives
To trap our dreams
So we could
Live th…..Read More

via   Dolphin Muse   which is my favorite of  all of  Ainsley’s blogs because it is where he posts his breathtaking love poems,  as well as other poetry and prose.


Patiently   by   Ainsley Allmark

She heard my whisper

with bated b…..Read More

via  Dolphin Visions


Fanfare”    by    Ainsley Allmark


The arrival of

The S…..Read More

via    Dolphin  Posterous


03:33   by   Ainsley Allmark

Time ~ three : thirty three

Blackbird si…..Read More

via  Dolphin Ainsley


Perspective    by   Ainsley Allmark

Am I looking


Or a…..Read More

via   dolphinmoon


Tantalus    by   Ainsley Allmark

She stood
Vision of her beauty
Just out of reach
Taste of her nectar
Within my lips
On my tongue

Night visions she conju…..Read More

via  Dolphin Muse


Ainsley’s additional blogs:

Dolphin’s Muse  ~  poetry

DOLPHIN DANCER  ~ miscellaneous musings

DOLPHIN EXPLORER  ~ miscellaneous musings and photographs


2012 featured poet at
my heart’s love songs

National Poetry Month April 2013 Badge

all copyright remains with the authors


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wish ~ a duet { redux }

what would you have me
do for you if  any wish
i could grant to you

One touch,  your gentle
hand rested for a moment
on my heart,  with love

one touch,   from the hand
of a loving heart   …the touch
of  your beloved

A smile and a kiss
just to brush your fingertips
as they touch my heart

shivers down my spine
from the light touch of  your lips
on my  fingertips…

Fingertips follow
your wandering shivers   …down…
explore soft wonders

a soft moan escapes
my lips…  my hand on your heart
feels it beat faster

My lips kiss your moan
taste it tenderly  …kissing
before it flies off

my lips meeting yours…
one kiss just the beginning
of  passion’s release

Looking deep within
eye speaks unto eye   …calling
come with me tonight

soul speaks unto soul…
coming together with joy…
no longer alone

Lightly touching me
your hand strokes my heart again
granting ecstasy

two souls…   two hearts…   joined
in ecstasy    …in desire…
each  for the other

Passion smouldering
constantly glowing…   waiting
your words fan the spark

your words the spark    …fires
of  my desire ignited…
passion burns brighter

Heart enflamed – burn bright
body burns with your love’s touch
hold me in your arms…

already holding
you in my heart   …now holding
you close in my arms

Our lips are touching
wordless speech from our bodies
talk to each other

touch…   taste…   sight…   sound…   scent…
all of  our senses heightened
by flames of  desire

Senses beyond five
allow me visions of  you
…I can see your Soul

the shells   …the bodies…
matter not ~ ’tis the souls whose
journeys continue

To Infinity
exploring our passions
we fly   …together

an amazing duet played by two people on one cello at the same time

Iva Casian Lakos and Eric Tinkerhess
play a traditional Macedonian love song  “Jovano, Jovanke”
adapted from an arrangement by Giovanni Sollima and Monika Leskovar

originally posted  18 February 2011

artwork ~   “Triomphe De L’Amour”   Salvador Dali
{ fair use }

“wish ~ a duet”  was my first attempt at  a renga  {a collaborative linked poem comprised of  haikū/a duet with alternate haikū verses by two poets}  written by Ainsley Allmark  {  @DolphinDancer }  and myself.  Ainsley’s stunning photography,  poetry and prose can be found on a number of blogs in addition to “DOLPHIN MUSE” ~ please click on any of the “Dolphin” blogs in the blogrolls at the bottom of this page to see more of his work.  we hope you enjoyed reading this duet as much as we enjoyed writing it.

i am participating in ~



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SPARK 16 by Ainsley Allmark and dani harris


Ainsley Allmark


Inspiration piece



by dani harris



sun low on the English horizon
silhouetted in a tree
blackbird calling to his Love

here i am,  my Love
waiting patiently
here i am,  my Love
please,  come to me

i hold my breath
to better hear his song
blackbird calling to his Love

here i am,  my Love
and here i will be
here i am,  my Love
until you come to me

i close my eyes…
hear a soft beating of  wings
blackbird calling to her Love

here i am,  my  Beloved
and here i will stay
by your side,  my Beloved
until my very last day







by dani harris
Inspiration piece
not the light of the sun
nor the dark of the moon
not the flicker of the stars
nor the tail of a comet
not the tides of the sea
nor the petals of a flower
nothing in all the galaxies
can compare to our love
you are mine
i am yours
we are complete


Ainsley Allmark


Response piece




this post is to mark the entry of  the collaboration between  Ainsley Allmark   and  i  into   SPARK 16.


we hope you enjoyed reading this as much as we enjoyed writing and working with the photographs.

see Ainsley’s photographs and poetry at    Dolphin Muse,    Dolphin Visions,    Ainsley’s DolphinDancer twitpic photostream    or  click on any of  the Dolphin links at the bottom of  this page.




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i am participating in ~








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•Ꮱ•Ꮿ•• hidden woods ••Ꮿ•Ꮱ• { revisted }

the Hidden Woods
exist today

but i’ll not tell you where.

only elves,  faeries
and the pure of  heart

dare to venture there.

the Wind always blows warm from the south.
the Moon drops in
when she’s new.

the Sun comes for tea every third Wednesday,
 but you’ll never find a human there
for none has a heart that is true.



  “Sad Song of  the Woods”   Wyrd

first  posted  15 September 2011
{ rewritten slightly }

i would like to thank    Ainsley Allmark     {  @DolphinDancer  }  for so generously allowing me to use his beautiful   photograph.  please click on any of  the   Dolphin   links in the blogrolls at the bottom of  the page to see more of his stunning photographs and amazing poetry.

this was originally submitted to and inspired by ~

through the eye of a poet   at   POETRY JAM
prompt:   Ainsley Allmark  generously allowed the use of  five of  his stunning photographs as prompts.

i am participating in ~



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