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·৯· ঐ ·· love in the morning ·· ঐ ·ৎ·

· ঐ ·

·· ঐ ··

as she took her last sip of coffee

he leaned over,

silently asking

for a sweet coffee-flavored kiss

·৯·  ঐ  ·ৎ·

৯· ঐ ·ৎ

·· ঐ ··

· ঐ ·

“The Coffee Song”    Frank Sinatra

originally posted  16 March 2010

artwork  ~   “Breakfast”   Juan Gris
{  public domain }

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∙ ግ ▪ Ꮬ ▪ ∙ and the angels weep ∙ ▪ Ꮬ ▪ ኖ ∙

∙ ▪ Ꮬ ▪ ∙

▪ Ꮬ ▪

…and  the  angels  weep

at  the  beauty  of  your  soul

∙ Ꮬ ∙

∙ ▪ Ꮬ ▪ ∙

ግ ▪ Ꮬ ▪ ኖ

∙ ግ ∙ Ꮬ ∙ ኖ ∙

“And The Angels Weep”    Akira Yamaoka

artwork  ~   artist unknown

originally posted  22 April 2010 ~

the angels weep at your beauty

for your sweet soul

shines out through your eyes


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⋆ ✶ ⋆ futile nights ⋆ ✶ ⋆

⋆ ✶ ⋆


fraught-filled  days
worrying  my  life  away

twisting  into  futile  nights
shooting  at  the  stars

wishing  i  was  fearless

knowing  my  aim  is  off


⋆ ✶ ⋆

✫ ✶ ✫

⋆ ✫ ✶ ✫ ⋆

“Sleep”  Featuring Josh Turner

artwork ~   “The Starry Night”   Vincent van Gogh  {  public domain }
{ ink drawing which probably preceded the painting }

‘Van Gogh’s night sky is a field of roiling energy. Below the exploding stars, the village is a place of quiet order. Connecting earth and sky is the flamelike cypress, a tree traditionally associated with graveyards and mourning. But death was not ominous for van Gogh. “Looking at the stars always makes me dream,” he said, “Why, I ask myself, shouldn’t the shining dots of the sky be as accessible as the black dots on the map of France? Just as we take the train to get to Tarascon or Rouen, we take death to reach a star.”
The artist wrote of his experience to his brother Theo: “This morning I saw the country from my window a long time before sunrise, with nothing but the morning star, which looked very big.” This morning star, or Venus, may be the large white star just left of center in The Starry Night. The hamlet, on the other hand, is invented, and the church spire evokes van Gogh’s native land, the Netherlands.

“The Starry Night”  {oil painting}  Vincent van Gogh

‘The painting, like its daytime companion, The Olive Trees, is rooted in imagination and memory. Leaving behind the Impressionist doctrine of truth to nature in favor of restless feeling and intense color, as in this highly charged picture, van Gogh made his work a touchstone for all subsequent Expressionist painting.’


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·• ៵ ᧪ •· don’t know why ·• ᧪ ៵ •·


• ᧪ •

don’t know why
i  didn’t cum
you gave me all you had to give
would’ve been enough any other day
i wish i knew what else to say

guess i was having a bad,  sad day
i’m sorry if  that got in the way
you know you mean the world to me
but i felt the need to fly away
maybe i’ll be back on another day

i couldn’t stay
not for even one more day
though you invited me along
don’t know why
i didn’t come

·• ៵᧪៵ •·

·• ᧪ •·

• ᧪ •


“Don’t Know Why”   Norah Jones

artwork ~   Décor de la salle à manger (House for an art Lover)”  Charles Rennie Mackintosh    {  public domain }

originally posted  12 January 2013

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∙∙ ჶ ∙౿∙ feel so good ∙౨∙ ჶ ∙∙

∙∙ ჶ ∙∙

∙ ჶ ∙





feel so good

∙ ჶ ∙

౨ ჶ ౿

∙౨∙ ჶ ∙౿∙

just try to listen to this song and not sing along…  and probably chair dance and definitely smile!  if  you don’t,  you’re just not human.

“Mony Mony”    Tommy James & The Shondells

image  from under creative commons license


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